To Reserve a park pavilion please click on the link below

Briscoe Boy Scout Pavilion

This pavilion is located at the top of the hill in the park next to the basketball court and the public restrooms.  

  • It seats 50-60 people.  
  • Nearby trash cans, water and grills
  • Next to the restrooms


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Boy Scout Outdoor Tables

There are 27 tables located throughout the park. On the Northeast side of the park you will find an area you can reserve.  This area is more private from most park activities.  Parking along street is available.  The tables are not covered but they do have excellent shade by the tall trees.  

  • Each table seats 6-8 people
  • Restrooms are about 300 feet away.
  • Nearby grills, trash cans, and water

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Dean Weignant Park Pavilion

Located in the middle of the park, the pavilion provides close access to most park attractions.  

  • Holds approximately 50 people.
  • Nearby trash cans, grills and covered seating.  
  • Restrooms are located about 400 feet to the west, just over the footbridge.

Farrall Park Pavilion


Located south of the old school, behind the community center. 

  • 30-36 people
  • Nearby trash receptacles and two grills.  
  • Handicap accessible parking nearby with sidewalk leading to pavilion.
  • Restrooms are in the community center

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Glen Collins Pavilion

Perfect for a large party at the beach!

  • This pavilion seats about 50 people.
  • It has lights, two grills, trash cans and nearby restrooms and running water.  
  • Call early to reserve!

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Isaac Walton Lake Park Pavilion

Reserve this private pavilion by the lake.

  • It holds up to 32 adults
  • Running water and lights.
  • Grills, trash cans and restrooms nearby.  
  • This lake area is also approved for swimming and fishing! 

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Kid's Space Park 

Kid's space park is home to some very unique attractions.  In addition to the impressive wooden playground and the only skate park in town, it also has the largest pavilion in town.  

  • Seats 100 adults.
  • Handicap accessible.
  • Large parking lot.
  •  Trash cans, lights and restrooms available.  Sorry, no grills

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Kiwanis Park Pavilion

Currently it is unavailable to be reserved.   This park's pavilion is roughly the same size of Kid's Space park but lacks benches.  

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Lions Club Park

Enjoy eating outside while watching the planes takeoff and land.

  • This Pavilion seats 30-50 people.  
  • Water and trash cans are nearby.   

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Woodland Park Community Stage

This community theater stage is available to anyone.  You could be an organization, a play group or just some friends who want to put on a show.  Book today and have fun!

Woodland Park Pavilion

This pavilion is located on the East side of the park between the tennis courts and the pool.  Great place to have a birthday pool party.  Just watch out, this pavilion is on the fairway for disc golf hole #2!

  • Can seat between 30-60 people (ask for benches to be moved into pavilion)
  • Trash cans and water nearby.

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Woodland Park Pavilion - Shawnee OK