Shawnee OK Parks

Review the various City Parks available for your use across the City.


Shawnee Oklahoma has over 35 public parks and open space for the community.  

The PARKS page highlights every park in town with pictures, history and descriptions. 





To help you locate a park near you, check out the MAP tab at the top of the page.  This fun and interactive tool allows you navigate around the city and discover new places.  Twelve year resident Michael Burns says "I thought there were maybe 10 parks in town, but 33!  I had no idea."

The map tool is also designed to help you learn more information about a park.  Click an icon within the map for links to other websites. 




Great for wedding receptions, birthdays and community get-togethers, 


Shawnee has several locations where you can reserve an outdoor pavilion or picnic area.


Visit the reservations page to view dimensions and seating to help plan your next party.

All reservations are made by calling the Parks Office at (405) 878-1529


 Photo by OBU

Photo by OBU

OBU College of Nursing and City of Shawnee Partnership


Oklahoma Baptist University College of Nursing has teamed up with the city of Shawnee to help Shawnee citizens to become more physically active, particularly by utilizing free recreational facilities such as parks. This website serves as a reference and guide to locate parks in your community, provide reviews about parks, and reservation information. Did you know 31.1% of students play video/computer games or use a computer for something other than school work 3 or more hours per day on an average school day? (CDC, 2010)

Our goal is to decrease that number from 31.1% to 26.1% by the 2020 CDC report.

By creating this website we also hope to decrease the obesity rate and inactivity rate by promoting healthier, active lifestyles.

This is made possible by OBU College of Nursing and City of Shawnee.  Special thanks to Elizabeth Gallaway, Danielle Taylor, Sarah Payne, David R. Jones, Eliya Bolgrin, Kamau Mosley, Christine Clark, and Susie Killingsworth for all their hard work.