About the Veterans Memorial

The Veterans Memorial is southwest of Woodland Park on Broadway, just north of the Carnegie Library and Pottawatomie County Courthouse.  Veterans’ names are engraved on brick pavers purchased by donors.  These pavers form a walkway in the shape of a five-pointed star, with each point representing one branch of the military.  The park is a place of solitude and reflection where one can remember those who are serving our country or have served in the past.  Dedicated benches, two memorials representing each of the world wars, and an archway over the entrance are carved from black, polished granite.   Displays in the park include a helicopter once used during the Korean Conflict. Flags are flown for each of the military branches.


Location:  Downtown on SW corner of Woodland Park, 407 N. Broadway

Lat: 35.331441  Long: -96.923292   

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Photos by Danielle Taylor